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Dwelling Information

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Year Built: No. of Bedrooms:
Year moved in: No. of Bathrooms: Full: Half:
Age - Roof: Age - Electrical:
Age - Heating: Type: gas, oil, electric
Age - Plumbing: Type: galvanized, copper, plastic
No. of Families: Hydrants: Yes No

Do you have –      
Circuit breakers: Yes No Trampoline: Yes No
Siding: Yes No Dead bolt on all doors: Yes No
Dining room: Yes No Family / Rec room: Yes No
Basement: Yes No Attic: Yes No
Finished basement: Yes No Finished attic: Yes No
Foyer or Entrance hall: Yes No Walk-in closets: Yes No
Fire extinguisher: Yes No Smokers: Yes No
Fireplace: Yes No Smoke alarm: Yes No
Home business: Yes No Wood burning stove: Yes No
Farming exp: Yes No Laundry room: Yes No
If Yes, No. of Acres: Satellite dish: Yes No

Miles to Fire Dept: Hydrants: Yes No
Porch / deck: Yes No Porch / deck size:
Garage / barn:Yes No Garage / barn size:
Attached garage: Yes No    
Central Air Conditioning: Yes No    
Dogs: Yes No Breed:
Pool: Yes No Above ground: Yes No
In-ground Yes No Fenced: Yes No

Desired Coverage

Dwelling: Deductible:
Contents/Per. Property Medical Payments:
Liability limit:    
Additional coverage:      
Umbrella: Water / Sewer backup:
Flood damage: Earthquake:
Special coverage: Amount    
Jewelry: Boats:
Silverware: Computers:
Furs: Guns:

Additional Data

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